The Best Livestock Water Tanks on the Market

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When it comes to livestock water tanks, you just need to pick the first thing that you see that can hold water, right? Wrong. Just like any other product, there are  water tanks that are really great and others that are poorly designed or do not have the same capabilities or qualities as the other. That’s why we have come up with the top 15 livestock tanks that are listed on Amazon, so that you can have the best livestock trough that you can get – and at the best price as well.

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Top 5 Best Selling Water Tanks 2016

Name/Image Learn MoreRatingCapacity
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Rubbermaid Commercial FG424400BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank

view pricesfull reviews 5 Star Average Rating 70 Gallons
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Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank

view pricesfull reviews 5 Star Average Rating 63 Gallons
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Behlen Country PR3016 Water Boy Tank with GTV Valve, 30-Inch Diameter by 15-Inch Deep Review

view pricesfull reviews 5 Star Average Rating 30 gallons
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Tuff Stuff Products KMT102 Oval Tank

view pricesfull reviews 5 Star Average Rating 30 Gallons
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Tuff Stuff Products KMT85 Oval Tub

view pricesfull reviews 5 Star Average Rating 85 Gallons

Rubbermaid Commercial FG424400BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank, 70 Gallon Capacity

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Seventy gallons should be enough to keep your cows or horses watered for quite a while. This big tank is made by Rubbermaid so you know that it is a high-quality tank. It is made specifically for stock like cows and horses with structural foam reinforcement. This should be fine for several head of horses right out in the field or for cattle as well. It is strong enough to stand up the constant leaning that cattle do, which ruins many a water trough, and is made to last through all sorts of weather.

This tank is also seamless, which is something that you should always look for in your stock tanks. Sometimes, the seams break and the tank is ruined because the water just leaks out. This is definitely not one of those water tanks.

Behlen Country ST216-B 63-Gallon Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank

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Behlen Country is a well-recognized brand when it comes to livestock products. Most farmers and ranchers will recognize the name or have used their products before. You will notice that on websites like Amazon, where people can rate and leave reviews, they maintain a very high average. This 38 gallon galvanized tank is no exception. Galvanized steel has been used for more than 150 years to water livestock. It is durable and long-lasting, and they were the standard livestock water trough until plastic started being used everywhere. Some of the features included with this tank are corrosion resistance built in, zinc coating, easy to grab sides to tip it over and drain. This is a livestock water trough that is built to last.

Behlen Country PR3016 Water Boy Tank with GTV Valve, 30-Inch Diameter by 15-Inch Deep

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Another Behlen Country tank is next on our list. This one is only about a 30-gallon tank, so you are going to have to decide which you need based upon how many head you have. However, this tank is amazing, with a review rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. It is poly and has a lot of features – one of which is the automatic valve that does not’ allow siphoning, and allows you to change the water level quickly by turning the valve. It also has UV protection and handles already built in as well as a hose inlet so you can wrap your hose for easy watering whenever you need to fill the tank. This is one of the better water tanks available on Amazon and it is a livestock trough that will stand up to the toughest livestock as well.

Tuff Stuff Products KMT102 Oval Tank, 30-Gallon

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Next on our list of livestock waterers, this is the Tuff Stuff 30 gallon oval tank. This is a terrific tank with plenty of strength and durability. Livestock water tanks have to be built tougher than tanks for anything else, because animals are hard on them. Livestock waterers need to stand up to the strength of cattle and horses that lean on them. That’s exactly why this one was built to livestock standards. This heavy duty oval tub is perfect for watering. It is LDPE flexible plastic, which makes it rather like rubber. It is also completely recycled. With 30 gallons you may not be able to feed a huge herd (unless you get two) but that’s still plenty of water. Also – 4.8 out of 5.0 stars is pretty amazing.

Tuff Stuff Products KMT85 Oval Tub, 85-Gallon

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Livestock tanks don’t come any tougher than Tuff Stuff and this 85-gallon tank is the perfect example of that. This is a livestock water trough that was made to last and made to be used with even the most destructive of livestock. Tuff Stuff livestock water tanks are heavy-duty and made to resist leaning and with 85 gallons, you can feed a large herd of cattle or horses, or whatever stock you happen to have. This is also poly that has been recycled so you can feel good about using it, and it has a ¾ inch drain with plug that you can use instead of tipping it. 4.8 out of 5.0 stars means that customers absolutely love this livestock tank and this is one of the most impact resistant water tanks out there.

Behlen Country ST216-B 63-Gallon Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank

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Another livestock tank from Behlen County. This 64-gallon tank is perfect for a few head of horses or cattle. You know that they will always have water and can do the chore only every few days. Water tanks from Behlen County are made to last and this one can be tipped over to drain and it is galvanized steel, just like troughs used to be made from, with a heavy zinc coating that ensures its durability and corrosion resistance. The dimensions of this product are 66 inches by 20 inches x 12 inches.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG424300BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank, 50 Gallon Capacity

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This Rubbermaid commercial tank is 50 gallons and made to be really durable. Rubbermaid is known for making seamless tanks that have no chance of bursting open at the seams from the water pressure. It is a very heavy and tough tank that will stand up to livestock pressing up against it and still last a long time. It’s black poly and reinforced foam and it is large enough for your stock to be able to drink out of it together without a problem.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG424400BLA Structural Foam Stock Tank, 70 Gallon Capacity

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Here is another one of the Rubbermaid livestock water tanks. This tank is perfect for the parts of the country that experience extreme heat and extreme cold. It can stand up to all kinds of extreme conditions without splitting, cracking or breaking. This Rubbermaid commercial product is seamless and will stand up to all of the leaning, pushing and pulling that cattle and horses do. Livestock water tanks by Rubbermaid can be depended upon to last for a long time so you will be spending your money wisely on this product.

Behlen Country 50130118C 78-Gallon Galvanized Round Tank

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Behlen Country has a lot of the water tanks on this list. That’s because the brand is solid and makes a bunch of products. They are well-known for their corrugated steel tanks that last for a long time and will resist just about anything you can imagine when it comes to wear and tear from livestock. They are built to have a solid performance no matter where they are placed and with 78 gallons of water you can feed a large number of cows, horses or other livestock. Like other Behlen Country tanks, this one is coated with zinc to prevent rusting.

Miller Mfg. 88SW Automatic Stock Waterer

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Something different for number ten on the list. This is not like the other water tanks that we have showcased here, but it belongs on this list because it is a great idea. Flagline has made a tank that fills automatically with your hose so that you never have to worry about it. It is specifically made for cattle, horses and other livestock. All you need to do is hook up your hose and then turn on the water and this unit will refill automatically for you. It is a great idea for a few head of horses or cattle, but it’s probably not as durable as the ones above, which is why it is lower down on the list.

Tuff Stuff Products KMT50 Oval Tank, 50-Gallon

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Here is another Tuff Stuff product. These water tanks are perfect for any farm or ranch setting. Tuff Stuff’s name says it all. These are durable tanks that are made of polyethylene rubber, 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. These are impact resistant, which is super important when it comes to cattle and horses, plus they are flexible enough to allow cattle to drink and press up against it without any danger of cracking or breaking. The 50 gallons that come with this tank means that your stock will have plenty of water and the customer rating on this is a terrific 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. You can rely on Tuff Stuff for rough environments like any farming or ranching facility and this tub can be placed anywhere with any sort of stock.

Little Giant Farm & Ag Miller Manufacturing 40 Quart Black Muck Tub

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Next up is the Little Giant 40 quart black muck tub. This is a small tub that is meant for smaller animals. It doesn’t hold much but it is made to be dragged around and placed in the roughest places on the farm. There is a rope handle on each side, so you can easily move it. It is made of the toughest polyethylene which means that it will never crack, warp or break in any way, no matter how much stress it is exposed to. You can drag this tub through the mud or you can throw it over the fence into the corral. It doesn’t matter how you slug it around, this tub is built to take it. This is definitely one of the most durable livestock water tanks out there. 

Tuff Stuff Products KMT99 HD Oval Tank, 140-Gallon

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Another Tuff Stuff product is the KM199 HD Oval Tank. This 140-gallon tank is a monster that you don’t really need unless you’ve got a huge herd. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to water them easily because the design of the tank is such that many heads can get in there at the same time if needs be. This is really for a large herd because if you have this much water and a smaller herd, you are going to have to change it out because of algae growth and bacteria, before they even make a dent in it.

This is a heavy-duty tank with a large ¾ inch plug and it is environmentally-friendly because is is made of 100% recycled plastic. It also is made to resist the impact made by stock pushing each other and pressing up against the tank, which is perfect for cows and horses.