The Best Water Tank Heater for 2016

An experienced farmer knows how to adapt to different seasons.  Each season requires a different approach as without proper preparation, you are bound to fail in your daily operations. One needs to buy a variety of must-have farm essentials that help in evading or tackling various challenges that are experienced in every season.

That said, with the beautiful autumn flower and plant colors beginning to fade, the leaves dropping and the sun setting early in the blue sky, it’s  clear that the winter is approaching. With winter, comes ice and snow that threatens the life of our animals by freezing the drinking water stored in our tanks.

Upon seeing the water freeze for days and animals dying with thirst, many farmers tend to give up. However, with a quality water tank heater or deicer, you need not fret, as it covers the whole situation for you.  A de-icer works magic in maintaining your water ice free and at the right temperature for your livestock to drink.

With hundreds of water trough heaters flooding the market today, identifying the ideal model for your farm becomes an upward task. Sitting this challenge among many farmers, we set out to conduct thorough research on the different water tank heaters available today, with the aim of presenting you with the best to ease your selection.

Below, are comprehensive reviews on the top ten best water tank heaters. Read on to identify the perfect brand that suits your farm best.

10. API 1500 Watt 3 In 1 De-Icer DT15

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This water trough heater is designed to provide three distinct functions. It can be used as a sinking, floating or a drain plug water heater. It’s designed from a finned, durable and cast aluminum whose base is fitted with a plastic cap. It utilizes multiple sensors that enhance temperature control and maintain your tank ice-free at all times. It employs epoxy in sealing its delicate electrical wiring to keep it dry and clean. With the three sensor system, the water will have the suitable temperature for animals to drink. Its finned aluminum distributes the heat evenly for a smooth running while heating the water as needed. It works perfectly in a metal or plastic tank without necessitating the use of guards.  It operates on high power to provide quick results. Upon purchase, the package comes with a three-year warranty that covers ant natural malfunctioning within this time.

9. Farm Innovators Model H-419 Ice Chaser Cast Aluminum Submergible Tank De-Icer

41JhraszfTL The Best Water Tank Heater for 2016This high-quality submersible tank de-icer is designed to be totally indestructible. It comes with a heavy-duty construction to suit different environments. It’s ideal for use in large-scale farms with tanks of

This high-quality submersible tank de-icer is designed to be totally indestructible. It comes with a heavy-duty construction to suit different environments. It’s ideal for use in large-scale farms with tanks of high capacity of over 200 gallons. It features a cast-aluminum finish with an adequate fin to create a broad radiation surface area. Its concealed automated thermostat helps in saving power as it functions only when needed. It’s long cord of about 6-ft allows easy connection to your plug. It operates on 1500 watts to quickly produce excellent results. Its electrical system is coated with epoxy for maximum insulation in an aim to prevent possible accidents. Finally, it comes with a three-year warranty as a proof of quality from the manufacturer.

8. Farm Innovators Model H-49 Ice Chaser Cast Aluminum Submergible Bucket De-Icer

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This submersible bucket water de-icer is among the best ice chasers that we have on the market so far. It’s designed from sturdy aluminum making it a durable product. It utilizes only 250 watts thus a power efficient farm essential.  It’s recommended for use in 5-gallon capacity buckets. It comes with an automated thermostat that is controlled to function only when it’s required. Its heavy-duty cord protector which comes with an anti-chew design ensures maximum safety of your animals from shock. It’s safe for use in plastic buckets. A three-year limited warranty is issued after purchase to cover any natural defects occurring within this period.

7. K&H Ultimate 250-Watt Pail Heater With No Floater Cord Safety Clip

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This is just another product from K&H pet manufacturers which is designed to maintain your water fresh throughout the winter. It’s safe for use in all buckets. It utilizes only 250 watts making it a power efficient farm essential. It’s a product that features in the MET safety rank thus you can be sure about its quality. It comes with a cord safety clip that shields animals away from the cord for maximum safety. It’s designed for use as a submersible de-icer. Its measures 15.5*8*16.5 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds, making it easy to handle and move from place to place in the farm. Finally, any natural defects are covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.

6. Farm Innovators Model C-250 “Around The Farm” Submergible Cast Aluminum Utility De-Icer

41korWGEcIL The Best Water Tank Heater for 2016Farm innovators are here again, and this time with a better product. This submersible water trough heater comes with excellent features. It’s developed from indestructible aluminum that makes it durable to serve you for a long time. Its patented design provides optimum safety and efficiency for the best experience. It’s suited for use in 25-gallon capacity troughs of any material including the plastic-made tanks. It features a heavy-duty automated thermostat that operates only when needed to provide safe drinking water to your animals at the right temperature. Finally, it’s backed with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, as a sign of confidence in the quality of this farm essential.

5. API 250D 200-Watt Pail And Birdbath De-Icer

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This is just another high-quality submersible water trough de-icer that is suited for the 15-gal tanks, buckets and other pans and pails. It features a built-in thermostat that maintains the water temperature around the recommended drinking range. It comes with a stainless steel heavy-duty guard that effectively shields animals from shock and burns, while its heavy clamp help in holding the de-icer securely on any drinking container. All the electrical wiring are sealed using epoxy thus maintaining your unit dry and clean at all times. With its removable guard, regular maintenance is quite easy. It’s ideal for use in both metallic and non-metallic drinking containers. It operates on 200 watts which is reasonably power efficient. It maintains the water between 40 and 60 degrees throughout the day.

4. Allied Precision Ind DT250 250-Watt Aluminum Bucket And Utility De-Icer

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This product is receiving many positive reviews from its happy user across the globe for some reasons. It comes with a unique design that contributes to its excellent functioning. It’s a bucket de-icer that comes with a broad surface area to allow cooler operations. It features multiple thermostats that facilitate optimized control and heating of the water to safe temperatures. It weighs only 1.8 pounds and measures about 6.8*3.2*6 inches- a convenient size for easy handling and moving from place to place around the farm. It’s designed to be durable thanks to its indestructible construction. With its long cord of about 6-ft, connecting it to your power source should be quite easy.

3. Allied Precision 15N 1500-Watt Sinking Tank Heater

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This is a totally submerged water de-icer that works perfectly without distorting or melting your plastic tank. It features an Epoxy-totally enclosed wiring, that never shorts or leaks. It comes with a heavy-duty automated thermostat covered with epoxy to maintain it dry and clean at all times. Its deeply plated cage blocks unwanted elements away from the tank. Each heating cycle is initiated just above the freezing point and stops at about 44 degrees to ensure the water does not overheat. Its wire cord of about 6-ft is sealed with a plastic cord for maximum insulation. It works perfectly with all tank sizes and mostly ideal for use in poly tanks.

2. Allied Precision 7521 Floating 1,500-Watt Pond De-Icer/Heater

412TDVGTW5L The Best Water Tank Heater for 2016

This is a water tank heater that is designed to deliver exactly as it promises. Its prominent features contribute to its competitive ability on the market. It’s designed to maintain water at the recommended temperatures for the large animals. It features a sturdy puncture-proof high-grade plastic housing that safely shields it from any harm and prevents it from shocking your animals. The epoxy coating on  its electrical wiring ensure that the unit is always dry and clean. Its tubular heating system is developed from Incology, the strongest known material in withstanding all kinds of harmful water impurities. It long cord of about 6-ft is coated with a plastic guard to ensure maximum safety of your animals and people on the farm from shock. As a sign of confidence in the quality of this product, the manufacturer backs it up with a one-year warranty.

1. K&H Ultimate All-In-One Stock Tank De-Icer

41aKZpBvZL The Best Water Tank Heater for 2016

This product, famously known as all in one design, comes with a thermostatic control that works excellently in maintaining your stock tank water ice-free at all times. With this high-quality product comes with a professional construction that ensures availability of fresh water for your livestock throughout the winter. It features a control button that easily converts it from a submersible de-icer to a floating de-icer. It’s suitable for use on all stock tanks and buckets. With is full cage, provided by the manufacturer, you don’t need to spend more money on purchasing a cage guard. A cord clip is also provided to store the power cord securely. Finally, its two-year warranty covers all the natural defects occurring within this time.

Wrapping it up

All these water tank heaters are designed to meet and exceed high-quality standards. Having presented you with the best, the next step of choosing the ideal product the suits your need best remains with you. Go for a product that will provide excellent services over the years of its service. Don’t be tricked into falling for cheap inferior quality water de-icers that are flooding the market every passing minute.

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