Behlen Country PR3016 Water Boy Tank with GTV Valve, 30-Inch Diameter by 15-Inch Deep Review

Capacity:30 gallons
Behlen Country PR3016 Water Boy Tank with GTV Valve, 30-Inch Diameter by 15-Inch Deep Review

Animal husbandry is not an easy vocation. In this field, you do not only need to apply your comprehensive knowledge in raising animals but you also need to be practical in the application of this knowledge, especially in terms of feeding and watering your livestock.

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Among the most ingenious solutions in livestock feeding are animal water troughs that can be refilled conveniently without physically hauling water to the trough’s location. Having this kind of watering supply will help you save time and money when feeding your animals.

One of the best livestock watering equipment available is Behlen Country’s Water Boy Tank (model PR3016). This trough functions just like any typical watering vessel. But most importantly, it comes with a GTV valve that both drains and refills water into the trough.

Behlen Country PR3016 Water Boy Tank – Features at a Glance

  • Includes a GTV valve where you can easily adjust the trough’s water level
  • Includes UV protection that will help prevent from color fading
  • Has a recessed and dedicated water hose inlet
  • Suitable for outdoor/indoor use
  • Available in sky blue color
  • Has a built-in handle
  • Made from durable premium grade plastic

Water Trough Design

The Behlen Country Water Boy Tank is perhaps the most cheerful-looking water trough available on the market today. It is available in a sky blue color only. It features a built-in molded handle that makes the trough easier to carry around. This water tank is 30 inches in diameter and 15 inches deep.

The water tank’s built-in GTV valve is located in the same side of one of the molded handles. The water inlet and valve are recessed into the tank so they will not stand out and be easily dislodged when animals crowd over the water tank.

The trough is made from sturdy premium grade plastic. The sides of the circular trough are sleek and do not have any grooves where dirt and algae can accumulate.

Water Capacity

When empty, the Behlen Country Water Boy tank weighs about 17 pounds while it can hold up to 30 gallons of water. Its built-in GTV valve allows you to adjust the water level supplied into the tank.

To increase the water level, just turn the valve knob clockwise. To decrease the water level, turn the knob counter-clockwise. A one-half turn of the knob will adjust the water level by one inch.

What Customers Say

Most consumers who have bought the Behlen Country Water Boy Tank are happy with their purchase. This water tank is perfect for those who are raising multiple animals. You can easily leave the water trough anywhere and as long as it is connected to a water hose, you will not have any problems with watering your animals. Water refilling will occur automatically at the convenience of you and your animals.

Users also compliment Behlen Country for this water trough since it is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to galvanized water troughs. Old galvanized tanks tend to shed their metallic coating into the water and can adversely affect the animals feeding from these kinds of troughs.

Purchase Options

The Behlen Country Water Boy tank can be bought at any animal and livestock supply store. Or you can also order this water trough through and avail of free Amazon Prime shipping.

The Water Boy tank costs $130.04 only.

The Right Water Trough

Choosing a watering trough may be a trivial task. But if you are serious in raising animals for your livelihood, you would want what is best for them. Choose the Behlen Country Water Boy tank if you want convenience for both you and your animals.

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