Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank

Capacity:63 Gallons
Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank

Your search for the best water storage trough will not be complete without checking out Behlen Country and the different kinds of equipment they manufacture to match every gardening, farm, and ranch needs. This review will solely focus on the Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank (model ST216-B).

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It is primarily a water trough, but its versatility makes it also suitable for use as poultry feeders, as dog grooming tubs, and even as kiddie wade pools.

At a glance, here are the important features/specifications for this water tank:

  • Made of sturdy galvanized sheet metal
  • Includes steel tubes as the tank’s top lip
  • Coated with zinc to ensure the tank/trough is rust and corrosion free
  • Available in 63 and 38 gallons volume capacity
  • Shallow, Oval Design makes it easier to flip over and drain
  • Weather-resistant due to its galvanized metal makeup

Pros and Benefits of the Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Tank

1. Sturdy Galvanized Metal Design

Upon looking at a picture of the Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank, you would know that it is made of metal and is bound to be more durable than most water trough brands that are made of plastic. This tank measures 66.25 inches in length, 20.75 inches in width, and 12 inches in height.

2. Available in Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Needs

This Behlen Country creation is available in two different models depending on the volume capacity that you need. It is available in a 38-gallon and a 63-gallon shallow water tank. The 38-gallon tank is suitable as water or feeder trough while the larger 63-gallon container is good for use as raised soil bed.

3. Price Meets Value

The 63-gallon tank costs about $118 on while the 38-gallon tank costs slightly less. Whatever size of this Behlen Country model ST216-B tub, you will still get your money’s worth.

You can purchase this tub/trough combo at any home and garden store in your area. But if you want it delivered to your home for free, it is best to order it through

4. Has Other Versatile Uses

It has been mentioned all over this review that the Behlen Country Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank has multipurpose uses. This is, in fact the main draw of shallow tub-like tanks. As for the model ST216-B oval tank, it is ideal as water trough since it is shallow. Animals and pets can easily reach into the tank to drink or feed.

Another exciting use of this device is as a raised garden. When doing this, you will first need to drill holes at the bottom of the tank for the water to drain out once the tub is filled with soil.

Other customers also use the model ST216-B tank for various ingenious things like as a home for turtles, as a dog pool, as a beer cooler, and as a recycled water cistern catcher. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to other nifty applications for this equipment.


1. Galvanized Steel Can Shed Off Harmful Trace Metals after Years of Use

Yes, that’s right. There is always a downside when using metallic or metal-coated devices. Usually, these metals aren’t shed off after many years. But this process can be hastened if the tank is exposed to extreme temperatures.

2. There Is No Drain Plug

The model ST216-B tank is meant as a shallow water trough that can be easily tipped over to empty it. It is only through consumers’ ingenious thinking that it has been used for other purposes. If you want a water trough with drain plugs, you can choose other models. If you are using the model ST216-B tank as a raised soil bed, you can drill out holes to drain the soil runoff.

The Right Water Trough

That’s it! Those are all the major pros and cons of Behlen Country’s Shallow Galvanized Round End Tank. Hopefully, this review has helped steer you to the final decision of purchasing a Behlen Country trough for home or farm use.

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