Tuff Stuff Products KMT102 Oval Tank

Capacity:30 Gallons
Tuff Stuff Products KMT102 Oval Tank

Tuff Stuff Products are the way to go if you want an environmentally-responsible device for animal husbandry, maintaining a raised-bed garden, or even just bathing your dog. They are best known for manufacturing recyclable livestock feeding and watering supplies. One of their best products is the KMT102 Oval Tank.

Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank (model KMT102) is a watering trough. It is a multipurpose piece of equipment that can be used as a water trough, as a gardening bed, or as a dog bathing pool.

Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank Features

  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Sturdy round design
  • Impact-proof
  • Affordably-Priced
  • 30-gallon capacity
  • Has flexible and rubberlike quality
  • Environmentally-friendly

Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank Design

As its name implies, the Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank is shaped like an oval tub. It is 14 inches deep, 25 inches wide and 35 inches long. Each side of the oval tank is at least ¼ inch thick of LDPE flexible plastic. It is dark moss green in color and is made of recycled materials. Due to its flexible plastic make, it can be easily transported and it is difficult to damage.


When empty, this water trough weighs about 16 pounds. On the other hand, if the trough is filled with water, it can accommodate up to 30 gallons of water or up to 115 kilograms of soil.


The Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank has various other uses aside from being a farm water trough. It can be used as a feed container for cattle or horses, a planter, a pond liner, a dog grooming tub, a small pond, or even as a cooler. When used as a planter, small holes are drilled at the bottom of the tank. Some consumers also use the oval tank as a goat tub.

Since this oval tank is made of heavy duty material, it can be placed outdoors under any weather. You do not have to worry about the tank cracking due to extreme weather exposure.

Purchase Options

Just like most livestock feeding and watering supplies, the Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank can be bought at any home and garden stores. For convenience, you can also order it through online stores like Amazon.com where it sells for only $53.79.

Please also note that orders of the Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank through amazon.com will be shipped indicating the exact content of the package. There is currently no discreet shipping option for this product.

What Other Customers Say

With its affordable price, the Tuff Stuff Oval Tank is an easy sell to customers. It also helps that the product itself is reliable and works just as intended.

These Oval Tanks are highly recommended by customers who have various needs of a sturdy, tub-shaped tank. Customers like that this piece of equipment can be a tub, tank, trough, or soil bed depending on their needs or pet whims. Other customers also find that the Tuff Stuff Oval Tank can be easily painted over to match their garden color scheme.

Minor Disadvantages

As a watering trough, you will need to manually tip over the tank if you want to fill it with fresh water. It does not have built-in valves or plugs where you can connect to a water hose. These are minor gripes which anyone can find a work around for if they want the versatility of the Tuff Stuff Oval Tank.

What Is Your Choice?

There’s a lot of watering trough brands out on the market today, but the Tuff Stuff Oval Tank sets itself apart with its durable make and affordable price. Hopefully, this short review has helped you make an informed decision when choosing a watering trough for your animals or garden.

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