Tuff Stuff Products KMT85 Oval Tub

Capacity:85 Gallons
Tuff Stuff Products KMT85 Oval Tub

The Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tub (model KMT85) may look like just another livestock feeder and watering trough combination device. But what sets the KMT85 Oval Tub apart from other trough brands is its larger capacity.

The KMT85 Oval Tub has a capacity of up to 85 gallons. This is one of the major draws of this piece of equipment, making it a bestseller among consumers.

Let’s take a look at model KMT85’s other features that help make it the go-to device for most people:

Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tub Features

  • Made from 100% recycled LDPE material
  • Competitively-priced for a water trough with large capacity
  • Sturdy oval design
  • Includes a ¾ inch drain plug
  • Damage-proof
  • Higher 85 gallon capacity
  • Has flexible, rubberlike quality
  • Environmentally-friendly

Advantages of the Tuff Stuff KMT85 Oval Tub

1. Sturdy Design

Just like any Tuff Stuff Products creation, the KMT85 Oval Tub is made from recycled LDPE plastic. It has a rubberlike quality but is flexible, making it less prone to punctures and cracks. It sports a dark moss green color.

This oval tub measures 35 inches in width at its widest corner, and 50 inches in length. All corners of this oval trough are made of at least ¼ inch of heavy duty plastic.

2. Large Capacity

The KMT85 Oval Tub weighs approximately 32 pounds when empty, while its full capacity is at 85 gallons of liquid. If the trough is filled with soil or other solid materials, it can contain about 321 kilograms.

This large capacity makes it ideal for customers looking for larger tanks to use as dog grooming tubs or as soil beds.

3. Multipurpose Use

As mentioned earlier, one of the main advantages of the Tuff Stuff KMT85 Oval Tub is its versatility. Most customers find it helpful as a watering trough. While others use it as a soil bed, as an aquarium, as a hydroponics base, and as dog grooming tub. And since the tub is of food grade quality, it is safe for small children to use as a playing tub or pool. Still other customers use this large tub as an alternative for an extremely large basin. It can be used for washing and soaking linens.

4. Affordable Price

For a large feed/water trough, the Tuff Stuff KMT85 tub is affordably priced. At Amazon.com, it costs only $107.72 and if you are an Amazon Prime customer, the unit can be shipped to your home for free. This pricing is what makes the KMT85 oval tub one of the bestsellers in its category on the site.

Minor Disadvantages

Well, there is really no real disadvantage for getting the Tuff Stuff KMT85 oval tub. Verified customer reviews at amazon.com report overall satisfaction with the product. The very few 3 star reviews for the product had something to do with customers reordering the correct smaller unit since the KMT85 is too large for their intended use. There was no 1 star or 2 star reviews for the KMT85 oval tub at amazon.com.

Tuff Stuff Products’ customer service team is also top notch. Some customers report that the team is fast and comprehensive in addressing issues with the product.

Final Thoughts

If you want a plastic tub that is big enough to act either as a water trough, dog tub, or soil bed, then Tuff Stuff Products’ KMT85 Oval Tub is definitely the right trough for you. There aren’t many large capacity plastic oval tubs available on the market today that is as versatile and affordable as this one.

Now that you’ve learned all about the awesomeness that is the KMT85 Oval Tub, it will be a no-brainer on what oval trough you will choose, right?

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